Oct 112011

Shine, Ardent Great Hero. It’s an all out assault on the Iron Cross Army’s secret base, as Spiderman faces his most explosive adventure yet. Injured after his escape, Takuya lies bedridden while the Iron Cross army regroups as rumors of a spy spread through their ranks. As the mystery of Spiderman’s informant deepens Amazoness takes an oath to destroy Spiderman or die trying. When the attack hits close to home things get personal for Spidey. Smoke bombs fly and and an Empire rises, as Spiderman comes face to face with Professor Monster, for the final showdown.

Sep 282011

Farewell to the Mystery of the Zero. When the Iron Cross Army attempts to get their hands on the plans for a super secret engine from World War II it’s up to Spiderman to stop them. There’s no time for napping in this episode as Amazoness goes after the grandson of an old scientist. Plenty of web-slinging ensues as Spiderman battles hippies and henchmen in attempt to prevent the Iron Cross Army from unleashing their newest Machine Bem monster upon the world.

Sep 202011

The Greatest Martial Arts Tournament in the World. Spider senses tingle in this episode as the sharp shooting detective Tachibana and his son Takeshi return to fight alongside Spiderman in a tournament of titanic proportions. However with the Iron Cross Army taking out Japan’s top martial artists with their own mysterious champions, Spiderman may be in over his head this time. With more martial arts action than you can swing a nunchuck at, this is an episode not to be missed.