Jan 242011

Sting of the Scorpion. The Scorpion escapes prison to get back at Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man. The Scorpion breaks into Dr. Stillwell’s lab and drinks a toxic potion that mutates him into a twenty-foot-tall giant. He captures Jameson and starts rampaging into the city. Now, Spider-Man must find a way to return the Scorpion to his normal size in order to save Jameson.

Trick or Treachery. The Fly Twins break into a vault and frame Spider-Man for the crime in the process. The villains implant a “fly tracer” on Spider-Man in order to monitor his whereabouts and continue to frame him while committing crimes in the city. After discovering that he has been tricked, Spider-Man sets out to clear his name and corners the Fly Twins at a fur storage warehouse for a final battle.

Jan 192011

To Catch A Spider. Dr. Noah Boddy releases Electro, the Green Goblin, and the Vulture from prison to get back at Spider-Man. All three disable Spider-Man’s powers and arrange to meet at midnight at the docks. But Spider-Man is one step ahead as he starts his plan to pit them against each other.

Double Identity. The villain Charles Cameo commits a crime while disguised as Peter Parker and encounters Spider-Man at the scene of the crime. Spider-Man fails to capture the master of masquerade and has no way of knowing who Cameo will impersonate next. Luckily, Cameo’s hubris gets the best of him as he poses as Spider-Man and encounters the real Spider-Man, initiating a doppelganger showdown!

Jan 132011

Fountain of Terror. Peter discovers that Dr. Connor is missing and travels to Florida to investigate. He encounters Cliventon, and chases him along with Billy Connor to his hideout where they find the doctor. Now, they must work as a team to defeat Cliventon and save the doctor!

Fiddler on the Loose. The Fiddler kidnaps Flintridge’s band, a popular music group. Spider-Man rushes to prevent the Fiddler from destroying the Flintridge’s music and get them back on the airwaves.