Jun 152011

To Cage A Spider. While chasing two burglars after a bank heist, Spider-Man is knocked unconscious and taken to a prison infirmary by the police. As he recovers from his wounds, he discovers that the inmates in the prison have taken over and are planning to escape. Spider-Man devises an ingenious plan and pretends to be part of the escape in order to save Captain Stacy and get the inmates back in their cells.

Jun 082011

Cold Storage. Two diamond thieves have hatched a plan to freeze their stolen goods in ice in order to transport them into a different location. Underestimating the burglars, Spider-Man is knocked unconscious, bound and thrown in an absolute-zero freezer. Waking after being frozen, Spider-Man finds himself in a post-apocalyptic future full of hostiles and strange beasts.

May 242011

Spider-Man meets Skyboy. When Dr. Irving Caldwell suddenly disappears after finally being awarded for his research, his son takes matters into his own hands. Using his father’s invention the “Astro helmet,” to become ‘Skyboy’ but are his heroics a help or a hinderance to the Web-slinger? and when a rival photographer moves in on Peter’s turf, will the famous Parker luck come through? check out this ultra retro episode to find out.