Oct 082011

Trip To Tomorrow. In the last episode of the 1967 animated series of “Spider-Man” ol’ Webhead ends up a stowaway on a train bound for Podunk, Michigan! On the train he finds a boy who hopes to become a costumed crime fighter like Spidey, calling himself The Caped Protector of Podunk! The kid asks Spider-Man what advice he has for him. Our hero obliges by teaching the kid a lesson in risk taking by retelling some of his greatest adventures.

Oct 012011

Down to Earth. Peter Parker is sent out by the Bugle to take photos of the giant meteor that recently crashed. He soon finds himself tied up as Green Men creep out of the South Pole caves to sacrifice the meteor to their Geyser God! Can Spider-Man make it through the cave creatures and man-sized Venus Fly-traps to prevent the Green Men from sacrificing the meteor and plunging Earth into Intergalactic Terror?

Sep 202011

Specialists and Slaves. The Radiation Specialist is out of prison with a dastardly new plan to take over Manhattan! By luring Spider-Man out of the city with a runaway car, the Specialist uses Manhattan’s only active Nuclear Reactor to take over the city, causing it to rise out of the Hudson River into the sky and turn New Yorkers into his Spider-Man hunting slaves!