Oct 212010

Spider Wars, Chapter II: Farewell, Spider-Man. In the last episode of the series, Spider-Carnage uses the time-dilation accelerator to construct a disintegration dimensional portal which he plans on using to destroy all of reality. To stop him, the Beyonder sends Spider-Man to the Armored Spider-Man reality where he finds his Uncle Ben alive and well. Realizing the impact Uncle Ben had on his own life, he asks Uncle Ben to reason with the Peter Parker in Spider-Carnage. Plus, don’t miss a special cameo from legendary creator Stan Lee!

Oct 152010

Spider Wars, Chapter I: I Really, Really Hate Clones. Spider-Man is transported into another dimension by the Beyonder where he finds the Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin detonating a bomb in the Daily Bugle building. While chasing after the Goblins, Spidey is intercepted and attacked by Spider-Carnage. But before any damage could be done, the Beyonder transports Spider-Man to Madame Web’s base where they reveal that there are five other Spider-Men in different dimensions, all trained to save reality from destruction!

Oct 072010

Secret Wars, Chapter III: Doom. Spider-Man and his newly formed team of heroes travel to New Latveria and find a civilization ruled by a just and fair Doctor Doom. While there, Doom offers Ben Grimm a device that allows him to switch from his Thing form to his human form and gains his trust. However, Reed is unconvinced and begins an attack against the Latverian ruler but is stopped by Doom’s robots, and is held for treason along with the rest of the heroes. Left with no choice, Spider-Man and the Thing launch a campaign to free their friends only to find that Doom has gained new powers.. the Beyonder’s!