Oct 122010

World’s Tiniest Superheroes. One of Reed’s experiments goes awry, causing the Fantastic Four to begin shrinking – and they’re not stopping. Within hours, the FF will shrink out of existence unless Reed can reverse the effect. But at miniature size, even a trip to the lab becomes a challenge, even more so when HERBIE’s security systems recognize the action figure sized FF as an infestation of rodents and begins to hunt them down! Even with a helping hand from the Astonishing Ant-Man, the FF are in for a giant-sized challenge.

Sep 072010

Earth and Fire, Part 2. The Earth’s magnetic fields are being disrupted by the Zodiac gang, whose primary objective is to obtain an ancient meteorite buried beneath an island on Earth. With the Earth’s survival at stake, the Avengers have a final showdown with the Zodiac gang!

Aug 292010

Earth and Fire, Part 1. Something is dangerously affecting the magnetic fields of the Earth. Wasp realizes that her father’s old business partner, Cornelius Van Lundt, is behind the disruptions. Along with the Avengers, Wasp must face her past in order to save the Earth.