Jun 212011

Host Grace Randolph discusses the newest New Avengers recruit, Daredevil! Plus, Grace gives a rundown of the members of Canada’s resident super team, Alpha Flight! And don’t forget Grace’s top three picks of comics hitting stands this coming Wednesday, June 22 in this week’s Tricerastack and the results from last week’s Graphic Debate!

Apr 222011

It’s time for Marvel Fact Hunter! In this episode, host Grace Randolph finds out if Spider-Man’s girlfriends will ever unite, as well as which is stronger: adamantium or vibranium? Editors Tom Brennan guest stars! Plus, a look at the brand new “Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” DVD sets! Double plus, Grace recommends AVENGERS #12.1, VENOM #2 and THE MIGHTY THOR #1! And it all wraps up with the results of last week’s Graphic Debate!

Feb 072011

In episode nine of Marvel’s The Watcher, host Grace Randolph hints at what Marvel has planned for Super Bowl 45 and Captain America! Then meet Rick Remender, the writer for THE PUNISHER, UNCANNY X-FORCE and the upcoming VENOM!, Plus Tricerastack and the Graphic Debate wrap up about Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch’s death!