Jul 102011

Host Grace Randolph checks in with Watcher correspondent and X-Editor, Nick Lowe, direct from Utopia! Get the latest news regarding the Cyclops/Wolverine beef and Vengeance. Plus, don’t forget Grace’s top three picks of comics hitting stands this coming Wednesday, July 13 in this week’s Tricerastack and a new Graphic Debate!

Feb 212011

Foresight, Part 1. The X-Men’s final showdown with Magneto and Master Mold’s Sentinels begins!

Jan 292011

In episode eight of Marvel’s The Watcher, host Grace Randolph gives you the official Marvel list of the Top Ten Heroes of 2010! Find out where Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Cyclops, Hope Summers, The Hulk, Luke Cage, The Black Panther and Hercules fall on the list! Plus Tricerastack and Graphic Debate asking how you feel about Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch’s death!