Apr 292012

Season 2012, Episode 1. Welcome back to The Watcher as host Lorraine Cink presents the first new episode of 2012! In this action-packed installment, we’ve got Avengers Vs. X-Men news, the debut of The Watchlist and Amazing Fantasy Showdown, plus much much MUCH more!

Jun 072011

X-Men: First Class,” the latest X-Men movie, takes place in 1962–and so does this episode of The Watcher! Host Grace Randolph goes back in time to the beatnik era to tell you all about that moment in history, both for the X-Men and Marvel! It all sets the tone for one of the biggest movies of the summer, “X-Men: First Class”! Plus Tricerastack and Graphic Debate, as they would exist in 1962! Brought to you by Marvel Entertainment, home to comics, movies, video games and more!